Junk Room to Dream Room!


Review - Decide - Change


This is our new program! 

We hope we can help you!

Do you have a room that needs 

some serious attention?

So full of stuff, 

you don't know where to start?

Just odds and ends and making no statement?


Dream Rooms are Possible!

This patio has pretty flowers and spectacular potted palms. 

Adding and arranging furniture makes everyone happy and beautiful! 

Adding style to a room 

 makes a huge difference!

Your indoor rooms and your outdoor rooms 

can reflect who you are!

Beautiful & Wonderful!


Will it make a difference? What kind of difference?

How do you feel when 

you look like a knock-out?

It feel's quite a bit different than 

sweats and flip-flops doesn't it?

We fancied this bedroom up with only existing pieces 

for this first time apartment couple! 

It was a junk room, a spare room - 

but now it's darling! 

The perfect space for an overnight 

guest, a nap or a good book on a rainy day.


Call: 561.277.9561

How do we know that function/beauty makes a difference? Look at what Mother Earth supplies to us each day. 

Amazing & Beautiful every moment,

Delicate Flowers, Strong Trees, 

The smell of fresh grass and babies, chocolate and puppies.