Junk Room to Dream Room!


Have you made that decision ?


This is our new program! 

We hope we can help you!

Do you have a room that needs 

some serious attention?

Even a storage unit - you know it has 

nothing but stuff, junk and unknowns.


Dream Rooms are Possible!

This looks a bit unsorted. Not sure what to do with everything. The hard part is getting started. Work for two hours with your favorite movie or music as background. Sort into three categories: 

1. I love this. 

2. I don't love this and 

3. What is this?

Categories two and three can be donated or tossed.


Will it make a difference? Yes it will!

These projects always involve decision making.

But a little help goes a long way.

Remember it's a process. It is scary and maybe slow to start with. Realize the value of Marie Kondo's philosophy - do your things bring you joy? 


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