Junk Room to Dream Room!

Restore that catch-all to a Beautiful Room.

We are also  a Certified Living In Place Professional!

Beautiful Interiors

Great Design Ideas, Decorating ideas, making your home comfortable, and safe.

Our mission


Every Room is Valuable

Having a home you love to come home to, that you are proud to share with family and friends is our goal.

Lynda Louden Interiors is about the transformation of your rooms, so that they hug you, they say hello, come in and sit down. This can be a major over-haul; it might be just a few tweaks!

Whatever you have in mind for this room, we can make it happen, home-office,  craft room, family room or a spare bedroom.

Whatever your budget, we can make it happen!


Design Is a Process

You might be, you probably are in a different place than you were five - ten years ago. Does your home reflect those changes? Are you someone different, somewhere different? The only constant is change.

Let's explore how we can make your home a reflection of the spectacular person you are today!


Why Work With An Expert?

1. Having a coach, accountability, a plan insures that you will get this done!

2. It's difficult to let-go of treasures even if they are in boxes, etc. It's good to be reminded that we love our friends and family and they are in our hearts forever. We need one thing, maybe a few things to remind us. 

3. We are a CLIPP (Certified Living In Place Professional) Call us for a Complimentary Safe Home check! Lynda @ 908-672-9901 cell

Visit the Living In Place webpage!

Interior Design - What's New?


What's Your Style?

Art is magic! Most things can be creatively displayed! 

Are you formal, casual, traditional or eclectic? 


Lynda Is CLIPP Certified!

Here are some of the things learned:

1. The horizontal line of a high contrast color in a shower is a balancing feature. You are able to stabilize  yourself 

with this visual assistance!

2. Grab bars should be in every shower. They are now stylized to fit with any décor! They can be installed with an anchor you get at Home Depot!

3. To meet building code is the bare minimum 

and by no means enough to provide safety. 

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Velvet Sofas

Nothing is ever out of style permanently!

Velvet sofa's are back! If the style and color are classic

they are never gone!

Colors stay intense. Deeper, richer!

The bright white wall balances the navy sofa.