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Your Guide to Transform Junk Room to Dream Room

Junk Room to Dream Room Guide (pdf)


Our mission

Home Office and Guest Room

Every Room is Valuable

Having a home you love to come home to, that you are proud to share with family and friends is our goal.

Lynda Louden Interiors is about the transformation of your rooms, so that they hug you, they say hello, come in and sit down. This can be a major over-haul; it might be just a few tweaks!

Whatever you have in mind for this room, we can make it happen, home-office,  craft room, family room or a spare bedroom.

Whatever your budget, we can make it happen!

De-Clutter After

Design Is a Process

You might be, you probably are in a different place than you were five - ten years ago. Does your home reflect those changes? Are you someone different, somewhere different? The only constant is change.

Let's explore how we can make your home a reflection of the spectacular person you are today!

Cluttered after

Why Work With An Expert?

1. Having a coach, accountability, a plan insures that you will get this done!

2. It's difficult to let-go of treasures even if they are in boxes, etc. It's good to be reminded that we love our friends and family and they are in our hearts forever. We need one thing, maybe a few things to remind us. 

3. We are a CLIPP (Certified Living In Place Professional) Call us for a Complimentary Safe Home check! Lynda @ 908-672-9901 cell

Visit the Living In Place webpage!

Interior Design - What's New?


Color Trends for 2020!

As usual the experts have slight variations on what the  colors are for 2020 .

All color is beautiful. Black is beautiful. White is Beautiful.

Some say we are data driven, technology bound, therefore we need calm. PPG 2020 color is Chinese Porcelain.

Others say it's a new decade, be bold!


Jewel Tones

Jewel tones add depth and vibrancy to your room.

Jewel tones are strong colors - so start small, maybe a powder room. Or use a jewel tone with soft whites 

and neutrals.


Happy New Year!

What's The New Year Have In Store For You?

Why Not Make Your Own Dreams Come True?